Further Exploring on a Monday Afternoon in Copenhagen

This is post #4 of our 2016 Copenhagen-Stockholm trip.4scandiskip0

Leaving the Vor Frue Kirke where the Christus is seen, I come upon another of Copenhagen’s signs.  They seem to have these erudite quips all over the place, and in English, too.  I complimented one young woman on her English, and she said “Well, we are a small country.”  The juxtaposition of vulnerability, truth, defensiveness and the realities of America’s Might in the World (of one kind or another) was contained in her simple statement.4scandiskip0a

When I saw this window, I thought of my sister Susan, who regularly knits small sweaters for her grandchildren.  Another friend, Susan in Australia, also came to mind as she is a superb knitter as well.4scandiskip1

It was right around the corner from this passageway that cut through from the street where the Vor Frue Kirke is on, to a courtyard, to somewhere else.  I didn’t follow it, but loved the ceiling (below)…4scandiskip2 4scandiskip3

…and the rosette bricks.4scandiskip4

I made my way down to the shopping street and this line-up of mannequins, all in clothes that didn’t remotely look like what I was seeing on the Danish women, told me I’d arrived.  From my observation, most of those who looked like they belonged here wore neutral-toned clothing in somewhat boxy shapes, many with leggings and sandals.  Comfortable, stylish clothes, not these fussy ones.  I remarked to Dave that all a good Dane needed for her wardrobe was a simply cut jacket in an amazing fabric, with spectacular buttons.  4scandiskip5I walked up the street and noticed these two characters: a Poirrot and a man with white gloves and a cap.  Not your usual tourist.4scandiskip5a 4scandiskip5bIt was a parade of a marching band of soldiers and a few dressed-up characters from Tivoli Gardens, leading everyone to. . . Tivoli Gardens, a short distance up the road.  After they all passed by, there was, indeed, a crowd of people following them.

When I asked the guy manning the Lego Store doorway about this, he said it happened everyday at 4:30 p.m.  Knowing the reputation for punctuality here, I don’t doubt it that it was exactly at half-past four.4scandiskip6 4scandiskip6aMy guidebook said that the Lego shop had a special character, available only in Denmark, so I stopped in there to see what it looked like.4scandiskip6bHowever, the young man inside said there was no such character at all, perhaps only the Little Mermaid keychain (looked like a spinoff from Disney).  I told him that two guidebooks that I’d read mentioned this special character, and really?  there wasn’t one?  He had this funny expression on his face when I said this and then he exclaimed, “So that’s why everyone asks me about this!”  I guess the people in the shop didn’t know that it was printed in more than one place.  Above is their rendition of Nyhavn, a street along a canal that I hadn’t seen yet.  I purchased my Little Mermaid, and left.4scandiskip7I came along to this (quilt patterns!  quilt patterns!) and looked up to see the Fountain of the Three Storks.4scandiskip7aOkay.  I know where I am now.  I turned left at a big store, and walked up the street.  Time to head home and I know it will take me a while, as there doesn’t appear to be any busses running through this section of town, which probably means no real Danes have a need to be over here in Touristland.4scandiskip8I love the blankets at every table.4scandiskip9 4scandiskip10(Quilt patterns!  Quilt patterns!)4scandiskip10aI’m using the GPS on my phone to figure out where I am, as it seems to work even when I am offline.  I recognize the half-timbered house as “old Copenhagen” construction.4scandiskip11This is about the third little cafe I’ve seen where people are all outside having an afternoon drink and a snack. 4scandiskip11bThis is the top of that building next to the cafe.  This whole area seemed to have a lot of red brick construction, with some using patterns in the brick.4scandiskip11cIt’s not like other countries with painted front, stucco flourishes.  Just sturdy red brick with a hint of ornamentation.4scandiskip11d 4scandiskip12 4scandiskip13Until I get to this.  This is serious decoration, but I can’t find any information about this building, other than it was built in 1904.4scandiskip14I turn and walk along the side of Rosenborg  Slot (which is the name for Castle).4scandiskip14aThis building faces the castle.4scandiskip15Design is everywhere, even on posters at the Metro station.4scandiskip16I’m out of the red brick neighborhoods, and back to my Belle epoche area.4scandiskip17I finally have learned to come in the back way, instead of walking an extra block, up and around the hotel.  That’s our room, by the lantern, where you leave the windows open all night long and never cool down and in the morning the smokers wake you up with their morning cigarettes.  We’re learning to live with its quirks.

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